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This Youth Generation: How violent entertainment affects youth

Deon D. Price: This Youth Generation

I had a recent debate on the subject of violent video games with my 14-year-old son who was also being supported by his 25-year-old brother – who is also a gamer – concerning the effects of violent video games.

Trying to avoid the aggressive old-school “do what I say because I said so” parenting style, I made an effort to help them arrive at their own understanding of the potential effects of participating in excessive graphic-animated violence. I ended the conversation with this quote from Malcolm X: “We act violent because we think violent. We think violent because we believe in violence. We believe in violence because we are taught violence.”

Although these words were delivered more than 30 years ago, it seems more relevant today than ever before. Over the past decade or so, it seems as though we have developed an even more bloodthirsty dependency on violent entertainment.

Of course, there has been violence in our entertainment since the invention of television, from the old Western shootouts between the Lone Ranger and the outlaws to the Looney Tunes where Elmer Fudd blows Daffy Duck’s beak off with a double-barreled shotgun.

However, there is something very unsettling about the violence that we are seeing in today’s entertainment. It’s like the directors are competing to see who can deliver the most graphic and grotesque violent scenes imaginable.

I’m a grown man but there are some films that I will not view because there are some acts of violence that will make my stomach turn. Keep in mind this is someone who is no stranger to violence. Growing up in

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