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5 Disney movies that could make $1 billion dollars in 2019

Release date: June 21, 2019

“Toy Story 3” box-office haul:$1 billion

Why it may join the $1 billion club: “Toy Story” is Pixar’s most valuable property. The first three films are beloved and, what was thought to be, the last film in the trilogy grossed over $1 billion. We’re not bothered that the sequel is out eight years after “Toy Story 3.” The anticipation may help it perform better.

Pixar recently released “Incredibles 2,” a sequel 14 years after the first film and it grossed over $1.2 billion at theaters in 2018. That was also a very good movie. Time will tell if Pixar can make four good “Toy Story” movies.

What could prevent it from crossing that benchmark: Multiple delays.

“Toy Story 4” was first announced in 2014 by former chief creative officer of Disney Animation and Pixar, John Lasseter, for a 2017 release. Since then, it has been delayed twice.

No one needed a fourth “Toy Story” movie. The third one ended neatly, closing out Woody’s story with his owner Andy. The big selling point of a fourth “Toy Story” was that the original director, Lasseter, was returning to tell a personal story inspired by his own love story with his wife. It would translate to a story between Woody and Bo-Peep.

In 2015, a co-director was added to the film, Josh Cooley. And then Lasseter left the company in 2018 after a six-month sabbatical following “missteps” that left some employees “disrespected or uncomfortable.” The real question is whether or not a “Toy Story” movie can be successful without its original director overseeing the final product.

It’s uncertain whether

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