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Gina Rodriguez on marriage, leading big Hollywood movies and reviving ‘Carmen Sandiego’


Gina Rodriguez is working on the last season of “Jane the Virgin,” Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” and a new action film called “Miss Bala.” And all while looking amazing.

LOS ANGELES – Not all heroes wear a white hat.

Gina Rodriguez prefers red.

The “Jane the Virgin” star is taking to Netflix Friday in a scarlet trench as the voice of new animated series “Carmen Sandiego,” a project that revives the ‘90s franchise that spawned computer games, TV series and a kid-focused game show.

On a recent soggy Saturday in Los Angeles, Rodriguez, 34, stands barefoot in her recently Marie Kondo’d kitchen, waiting for her French press to brew a pot of coffee. Her fiancé, professional Muay Thai boxer Joe LoCicero, has just returned from a grocery store milk run but he arrives…not holding a carton. She sleuths this out immediately.

“Babe?” she calls. “Did you get the – “

“It’s in the car,” he grins.

It’s the little things that make the dream work in Rodriguez’s bananas schedule. She directed the first episode of “Jane the Virgin’s” fifth and final season (which hits the CW March 27), and she’s currently directing the ninth episode. (She also recently directed an episode of the CW’s reboot of “Charmed.”)  On Feb. 1, she stars on the big screen in “Miss Bala,” her first action thriller, as a Los Angeles makeup artist who’s abducted by a Mexican cartel. 

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