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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on returning to his Supernatural family after more than a decade away

“Car coming through!” It’s a rainy December day in Vancouver as Supernatural’s crew members clear out of the way of an incoming vehicle. Despite the dreary weather, excitement fills the air, because everyone knows who’s inside the car. They just haven’t seen him yet.

Seconds later, out steps a scruffy Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the man who brought John Winchester to life all those years ago. He’s got a cigarette in his hand and John’s boots on his feet as he’s ushered through the rain and mud to the reunion he’s been waiting for: He’s about to see his Baby.

“Driving from set to where the Impala was, I was getting excited,” Morgan tells EW. “I was like, ‘oh god, I get to get in the Impala!”

And get in he does, sitting in the driver’s seat of the 1967 Impala and preparing to say his first line as John Winchester in more than a decade. Morgan’s reunion with Baby is the first of many as he returns to the show after 12 years away. And in the middle of it all, EW sat down with Morgan on the Supernatural set to discuss his big (though temporary) comeback.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Fans have asked you about returning many times over the years, and you’ve always said…
JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN: “Every time a fan asked, I always said the same thing: ‘I’m totally open to returning. It’s about the story.’ Because I’m very good friends with Jensen [Ackles] and Jared [Padalecki], and we’ve talked about it

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