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Netflix just hiked prices, but a new service streams movies and TV for free. Here’s how to ‘dive’ in

Still smarting from news that you’ll have to pony up more for your Netflix subscription?

On Tuesday, the streaming service announced that it would raise the subscription price on its most popular membership option from $11 to $13. That’s only two bucks, sure. It’s also Netflix’s biggest price hike yet.

But another option for streaming entertainment just entered the mix — and it’s completely free.

The name? Freedive. The source? The Internet Movie Database, also known as that place you go to find “what’s his face” in that movie you just saw. It’s the website you feverishly consult when you can’t figure out where you’ve last seen the actor on your TV screen.

Netflix announces biggest price hike in its history. Here’s how much more you’ll pay

Freedive, which debuted on Jan. 10, promises free viewing of both TV shows and movies. You can take advantage of the service by watching on your computer at or access it with Amazon Fire TV devices (Amazon bought IMDB in 1998). You can sign into Freedive with an IMDB account (which is free), Google, Facebook or Amazon.

The catch: you’ll have to watch some commercials, much like viewing cable TV on demand, using the ad-filled version of Hulu, or watching … regular TV. Freedive also doesn’t have any new releases, but it’s got some pretty impressive picks.

Titles in the film category include the 1993 Tony Scott film “True Romance,” starring Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater; Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-nominated 2000 thriller “Memento”; the 1997 sci-fi film “Gattaca” with Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke; the 1997 crime drama “Donnie Brasco,” the 1986 classic “Short Circuit”; the 2003 film “Monster,” starring Charlize Theron; the 1994 version of “Little Women,” with Winona Ryder;

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