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James Cameron Thinks Computers Will Soon Make Movies and "It’ll Suck"

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James Cameron loves using the latest cutting-edge technology for his film work, but that doesn’t mean he has only positive things to say about tech. The Avatar filmmaker recently said he thinks we’re headed towards a future when movies are created by artificial intelligence. And when that happens, it will, in Cameron’s words, “suck.”

In a recent interview with Little White Lies, James Cameron, the man who created The Terminator, was asked if he thought we might be headed towards a future where computers create movies. Cameron answered in the affirmative, and he didn’t sound very happy about it:

“I think you’ve got plenty of AI experts around who would say, yeah, sure. They’d take every movie every made, throw it into a massive database, feed all that into an AI, deep learning neural networks will analyse why they work, and you’ll have an AI create a movie – and it’ll suck. Because the AI is not embodied, it’s not having the human experience. It’ll be like a filmmaker who only knows other movies as opposed to being human.”

You better not let a robot filmmaker hear you talking that way, Cameron. He might throw his bolts at you.

Cameron goes on to say that that that human component is essential to what makes movies so special. He also advises budding filmmakers to “live a bit of life”:

“People ask me all the time, ‘What would your advice be to a young filmmaker?’ It

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