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This woman followed a different self-help book every month for a year. Here’s what happened.

Marianne Power’s book “Help Me!” starts with a bad hangover that leads to a life-changing odyssey in self help.

One morning in the winter of 2014, the Irish journalist realized she’d made a few too many unfortunate decisions in life. At 36, she was in debt, perpetually single, and always worried. The hangover wasn’t helping, either. Feeling bad about herself, she pulled a self help book from under her bed and flipped through the pages.

“It was just one particularly brutal hungover Sunday that I was reading another self-help book and just had this idea that, enough, stop reading these books and carrying on the way you’ve always done. Spend a year actually putting them to the test,” Power told NBC News BETTER.

Power created a strategy: Every month for a year, she’d read a new self-help book and follow its advice. Afterwards, she’d write her own book about what she learned.

“I thought it was really neat and clever, and that by the end of the year I’d be this perfect person,” she recalls.

In “Help Me!,” Power self-deprecatingly chronicles confrontations with many of life’s biggest challenges — from conquering phobias, to dealing with romantic rejection, to tackling debt, and overcoming anxiety, all with mixed results. Here’s what she discovered.

Marianne Power jumping out of an airplane.UK Parachuting

It’s possible to overcome your worst fear

Power, who lives in London, began her journey in January with a self-help book called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” The book’s author Susan J. Jeffers encourages readers to do something that scares them every day.

Determined to overcome all her

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