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6 Books, Movies And Shows Break Down Why Blackface Isn’t Just Offensive, It’s Dangerous

According to IndieWire’s Tambay Obenson, Colvard’s film not only challenges the mere preponderance of these items on e-commerce sites but also tracks how they’ve become sanitized over time and accepted as humdrum tchotchkes. “Uncle Ben goes from the butler to ‘CEO of the company’; Aunt Jemima, the stereotypical ‘Mammy’, who went from rocking a doo-rag to a jheri curl in the 80’s, now has a bob and has lost some weight; and the ‘Jolly Nigger Bank’ became the ‘Jolly Negro’ bank, and then later, it’s just the jolly bank!” the filmmaker told Obenson. “So I started to notice that there was an erasure of the origins of these images and what they represent, but yet, they are still on full display.”

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