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Aline Brosh McKenna wants to make a 27 Dresses television series

It’s the idea that keeps on giving.

When EW reunited the cast of 27 Dresses for its special rom-com issue, Katherine Heigl revealed her idea for a sequel, which would involve Jane, Kevin, Tess, and George as they navigate parenthood in one form or another. But Heigl isn’t the only one who’d love the world to live on.

27 Dresses writer Aline Brosh McKenna — who’s also the co-creator of TV’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — would love to revisit her idea on the small screen. “I’m desperately trying to make a TV show. I’ve been working on it for like two years,” McKenna tells EW, noting that she’d love to write again about “the adventures of Jane.”

Whereas Heigl’s idea is a direct sequel with the same characters, it’s less clear if McKenna’s show would be a follow-up. But what is clear is that it would have everything to do with the ways in which the wedding phenomenon has continued to grow in the age of social media and specifically, Instagram. “I would love to do [a show] because I love that character and I think the ways in which you can sublimate your ego in this culture now are so extravagant,” McKenna says. “The craziness of the weddings and the amount of prep, all that stuff has only gotten crazier.”

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