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Becky G on finding herself again through Spanish music: ‘I lost my identity in my English music’ (Exclusive)

Becky G is ready to try her hand at English pop music again.

The singer, who burst onto the pop music scene back in 2014 with her inescapable hit, “Shower,” has been dominating the latin music space for the past couple of years, garnering international success with songs like “Mayores” and “Sin Pijama.” 

Though recording music in Spanish was one of her “biggest fears,” Becky G told AOL that the career pivot helped her find herself again, which is allowing her to record material in English that feels more like her own.

“To be completely honest, I feel like I lost my identity in my English music for many reasons,” the singer told us backstage at the Sony Lost in Music finale. “Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot of really valuable lessons at such a young age from songs like ‘Shower,’ for instance, but those are songs that anybody could’ve sang.”

Check out our conversation with Becky G from her Sony Lost in Music performance below, where she gave AOL’s Gibson Johns more context into her career decisions over the past five years, why she has yet to perform new English single, “LBD,” and finding the strength to make decisions for herself, regardless of what everyone around her thinks:

You recently dropped “LBD,” your first English single in years. Have you performed it yet?

I haven’t, actually. I want to wait for the music video to drop for that, so I can keep the people waiting. It’s kind of like an orange, you peel it piece by piece. It’s impossible to do it in one piece, so you keep people wanting more.

When you dropped the song, you said that it’s a preview of what

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