Lord of the Rings has many different races. Among them are the beautiful, ancient, and almost god-like Elves. They have long lifespans, magic, and are skilled fighters as well as healers.

They are one of the oldest, most powerful and most beautiful creatures from Middle-Earth (or any of the other worlds) in the Lord of the Rings series. Like the other races, there are many fascinating facts about the Elves that aren’t even scratched at in the movies. If you delve into the history behind Middle-Earth and the races that reside there, you’ll find such culture — it could almost rival any race or heritage here in the real world.

Listed are 10 facts about the Elves that are left out of the movies!

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Craig Parker as Haldir in The Lord of the Rings

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10 The Elves Do Not Age

Craig Parker as Haldir in The Lord of the Rings

Elves don’t age physically and they do not die from disease. The only real ways to kill them are strong negative energy and violence, although there are probably magical ways to kill them, as well. They have healing powers shown in the movies but if you notice, none of the Elves ever got sick or seemed to die from old age.

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They could “die” of old age, but as explained, they would kind of fade out so that they would become ghosts. If they became ghosts, they wouldn’t be able to live again unless they took over a living body through

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