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The Best Dramas on Netflix (2019) :: Movies :: Lists :: Netflix :: Paste

 lists more than 1,400 movies in the drama category; not all of them are exactly worth checking out. It doesn’t help that drama is the broadest of genres, the most difficult to define: Basically anything that doesn’t fall into comedy, horror, action/adventure or sci-fi gets lumped into the catch-all, and even then there’s more than plenty of overlap. How funny can a movie be and still be “serious”? How much tension must be internal or inter-personal—can it still have a bunch of explosions? Drama is a key ingredient in all movies, but when you’re in the mood for a dramatic movie, we think we know what you’re looking for. As does Netflix. So we’ve let the streaming service define the term here, pulling from movies it classifies as “dramas.”

Here are the 60 best dramas on Netflix:


60. The Ornithologist

Year: 2016
Director: João Pedro Rodrigues
There are times during João Pedro Rodcrigues’s newest film, The Ornithologist, wherein you can’t tell if it’s all a big sexy joke or if it’s an earnest, religious and intellectual inquiry into the boundaries of spiritual and physical adventure. There’s enough evidence in the film—which follows a strapping studier of birds on his journey to note black storks and the various surreal things that occur to him—to argue that it’s both. Fernando (Paul Hamy), our bird man, is over the course of the film: pissed on, tossed about by

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