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Chiles junior knew that music would be his path


Seventeen-year-old violinist and pianist Jovey Osagie loves Franz Liszt. The Hungarian composer tops out at number one on his list of musical inspirations. Osagie aspires to not only perform, but also compose, in the same manner as a man who would be nearly 150 years his senior today.
“I love him so much because he’s so real,” says Osagie. “When you listen to his music it makes you think about life in a different way.” 

Osagie is a junior at Lawton Chiles High School. He participates in his school’s orchestra as well as locally with the Bach Parley String Academy and the Tallahassee Youth Orchestras. With the TYO, Osagie will be performing for their concert with guest artist Howard Levy on Feb. 24. 
Classical music is as tangible as a vivid tapestry for Osagie — its notes captivate his imagination. After trying out the bass and organ, Osagie picked up the violin in fifth grade and has pursued the instrument in tandem with the piano ever since. Though he’s only been playing for six years, Osagie knew immediately that music would be his path. 
“Every year there’s something new to learn,” says Osagie, who enjoys the community that surrounds playing piano and violin in Tallahassee.
He’s grateful for mentors Dr. Valerie Arsenault of the Tallahassee Bach Parley and Chris Miller at the TYO and Chiles High School. Osagie says that they teach more than “tonality, phrasing and dynamics” by encouraging him to become a better overall musician. His biggest

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