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The Umbrella Academy on Netflix a fantastic riot of action, pop music

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, based on the Eisner-winning comics by My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way and Brazilian artist Gabriel Bá, takes dysfunctional family drama into the big leagues of superhero action.

The high concept: Seven children, born at the same time, on the same day, are adopted by an eccentric entrepreneur and trained to become superheroes. It’s a story that mixes multiple storylines as you breathlessly try to keep up, and it spices up scenes with just the right amount of pop music.


“I’ve got powers and this eye mask totally hides my real secret identity,” said no one ever.

Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

The Umbrella Academy, now streaming globally, begins at the funeral of said eccentric entrepreneur, with the sibling superhero squad that’s broken up.  

While it’s not really revealed what caused them to drift apart, it’s clear the siblings’ antagonistic and crusty relationships with one another hide a familial love. This becomes a lot more obvious as the series goes on, especially when Number Five, who’s been missing, returns as his 12-year-old self right at

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