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Christine Baranski Leads the Best #Resistance Show on Television

For the co-creators Robert and Michelle King, the decision to embrace Diane’s frustration with Trump’s election, and to follow that simmering fury throughout various corners of her life, was a natural extension of their own political anxieties. “With the Trump win, we kind of found an emotional rationale for doing the show,” Robert King said when I spoke to the pair on the phone recently. “As Michelle often says, the politics of our characters tend to be very liberal because they’re working as lawyers in Chicago, and so a lot of it was trying to honor how they would react. But it also was helpful because I think Michelle and I were both having to deal with what felt like was off about the country, that there was a loss of guardrails.

“There are day-to-day repercussions of that, and it also seemed to be a little can’t stop talking about it,” he continued. “So to kinda make that Diane’s problem too was exciting, ’cause it was a way of working through our own problems.”

The election also made for a new kind of creative challenge for the veteran showrunners, who led The Good Wife through its seven critically acclaimed seasons. It caused a rupture in how left-leaning television shows conveyed the ideological underpinnings of their characters. The Good Fight was no exception. Trump’s win “turned this into a very different show than the one we thought we were gonna be making,” Michelle King said. “And there’s something exciting about that—suddenly you’re working without a net.”

Elizabeth Fisher / CBS

Whereas some shows have tried to assuage the fear that modern politics stokes in viewers, The Good Fight takes great care to reflect it. Its characters’ conflicts mirror the surrealist tone of

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