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Getting In: Books That Expose College Admissions Mania


Golden, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, applied his investigative skills to try and understand the admission process. After two years and hundreds of interviews, he revealed just how often qualified applicants get passed over in favor of wealthy students with lesser credentials. Writing in the Book Review, our reviewer called the book “a delicious account of gross inequities in high places.”

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A burning desire to get accepted to Harvard sits at the center of Moore’s novel, which explores how the admissions process ripples through a high-achieving Bay Area family. For Angela Hawthorne, the eldest daughter, there was “no stopping, no sleeping, until Cambridge. You get there, and then you can rest.”


The Times columnist Frank Bruni tries to understand the thick coat of anxiety that covers everything related to college admission, the sense that this one decision could make or break a whole life. “There’s no single juncture, no one crossroads, on which everything hinges,” Bruni writes. “So why do so many Americans — anxious parents, addled children — treat the college admissions process as if it were precisely that?” His aim is to get parents and students to

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