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Netflix To Set Age Ratings For Its Own Movies And Shows In The UK

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Netflix has gotten the official green light from Britain’s independent film regulatory agency to start setting its own age ratings for its films and television series.  It marks the first time a company is granted the stamp of approval by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) to determine its own age ratings, and could be the starting point for the self-regulatory system to be extended to other streaming services.

The move could also indicate “the end for the traditional role of the British film censor,” according to The Guardian.

Netflix will set the age ratings for its entire catalogue using a new algorithm and the standard BBFC age ratings: U, PG, 12A, 15 and 18.

Netflix will classify all content in the service using BBFC age ratings guidelinesBBFC

“Netflix will produce BBFC age ratings for content using a manual tagging system along with an automated rating algorithm, with the BBFC taking up an auditing role,” the official statement says. “Netflix and the BBFC will work together to make sure Netflix’s classification process produces ratings which are consistent with the BBFC’s Classification Guidelines for the UK.”

The focus of the BBFC “is on helping children and families choose well by providing them with the guidance they need to help them choose what’s right for them and avoid what’s not,” the organization explains. “With the huge growth in film, video and online content, and in how and where we can watch and use it, this is becoming more important than ever.”

The decision to give Netflix self-censoring rights, according to BBFC, follows new research showing that almost 80% of parents

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