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The Best Action Movies on Netflix Nobody Is Talking About

Those of you craving a good action movie don’t have to wait for a new flick on the big screen to keep you riveted for 90 minutes to two hours. If you’ve watched enough action movies on Netflix, then their algorithms probably gathered popular action titles you’ve watched to death.

Don’t always count on automation to find the best choices. While it seems most films produced exclusively for Netflix are intense dramas or comedies, some original action projects have been produced there. Most of their action scenes work just as well on the small screen as they would sitting in a theater.

Let’s look at what you’re missing, including one great animated action film from 40 years ago.

‘What Happened to Monday’ (2017)

While this action sci-fi film is a couple of years old, it’s a great example of the forgotten gems sometimes distributed through the Netflix platform.

What Happened to Monday is a dystopian tale set in a time when the world is overpopulated and requires everyone to only have one child per household. The plot involves identical septuplets sought out by the government for breaking the rules. All six septuplets are on the run throughout to find a missing sister.

What’s most notable in this film is the amazing cast. They somehow were able to land Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe as just two award-winning acting talents.

The above septuplets are all played by Noomi Rapace as a bit of a nod to Tatiana Maslany playing myriad clones in Orphan Black.

‘The Night Comes for Us’ (2018)

Made just last year, you can still find The Night Comes for Us on Netflix. If you like international action thrillers, this is one of the best to watch on streaming.


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