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37 Amazing New Books To Add To Your Spring Reading List

Peter Rock’s latest novel is quiet, moody, and beautiful, the recollection of an unnamed narrator of the summer of 1994, spent at his family cabin in rural Wisconsin. That summer, he’s 26 years old with dreams of being a writer, and he spends his nights swimming in the darkness of Lake Michigan, alone — until the enigmatic Mrs. Abel, recently widowed, joins him. The rest of the neighborhood gossips about her — she was only married to Mr. Abel less than a month when he died — but the narrator is almost in thrall to her, their intimacy growing as they share dreamlike evenings in the water. And then, during one of those swims, she disappears. Now, decades later, the narrator tries to reconstruct that summer and their relationship, certain it holds deep truths within its darkness.

Favorite passage: “Swimming at night: to compare its slipperiness to that of a dream would be to ignore the work of staying afloat, the mesmerism brought on by the rhythm, the repetition of the strokes.”

Get it from Amazon for $16.51, Barnes Noble for $22.50, or find it at Indiebound or your local library.

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