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‘Arrested Development’ Used To Be The Funniest Show On Television. What Happened?

Even Michael Bluth can’t find anything funny in the latest season of ‘Arrested Development.’Saeed Adyani/Netflix

The Banana Stand. Stair cars. Motherboy. The Blue Man Group. Illusions. Gene Parmesan. Marry me! Ice cream sandwiches. The chicken dance. Seals. Lucilles. The list goes on. Arrested Development made all these random things part of a greater comedy lexicon, which is why it’s a tragedy the latest — and possibly final — season goes out without a bang. Come on.

There are brand new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix — but at first glance you wouldn’t even know it. The streaming site dropped the second half of Season 5 on Friday, March 15th (because Netflix loves to split seasons in two) and at the end of Episode 16, it sure feels like the Bluth’s story has come to a end. Is it a fitting end? No. Is it a funny end? Also no. For a family that has been through so much — including cancelation — you’d think they’d have a better send off for what is more than likely the series finale of the show.

It’s also probably rare for a series to have a better first finale than a second finale. There’s no question that the end of Season 3 of the series is way better than anything the show has done in Seasons 4 or 5. 

If you had no idea that there were even new episodes of the show, you’re not alone. It honestly looks like Netflix decided to forget there were new episodes as well. While, yes, the argument could be made that it’s not like Season 5B of Arrested Development deserves any sort of fanfair, it certainly deserves some mention. Rather, it looks like

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