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In Music and in Life, Tamaryn Dreams in the Dark

“I thought I was quitting touring to settle down and get a trade and then it’s like, no, I’m literally dressed as a mermaid singing ‘Life on Mars,’” she said.

At the same time, she was mourning her friend, the celebrity photographer Matt Irwin, who died by suicide in 2016. “The last conversation I had with him was about a toxic relationship that he couldn’t get over,” she said. “It was a wake-up call.” “Dreaming the Dark” is dedicated to him.

Sensing it was time to return to music, Tamaryn connected with a young Vegas-based musician named Jordan Collins through Instagram who inspired her to write some demos with him about her own unhealthy relationships. “A lot of things on this record I can’t say to other people, because I shouldn’t talk to those people,” she said.

And in early 2018, she reconvened with Elbrecht, who pushed her to explore “the pop quality” of her vocal range, he said. “She could really get up high and project.” As a result, many of her new songs, like the standout “Path to Love,” share a similar theatricality with her formative inspiration, Kate Bush.

“It could be emotionally draining to listen to it all the way through,” she said, with a laugh.

She is already at work on a follow-up EP, and will spend the spring touring South America and Europe. Tamaryn does not expect to quit her latest day job — a freelance gig narrating erotic audiobooks — at the moment, but that’s O.K. “I just want to look back and be able to mark the different eras of my life by the records I made,” she said. “That’s the only real goal.”

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