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March 21 Arts and Entertainment Source: Elvis act hopes to shake up Vacaville

The California Poultry Federation is the trade association for California’s “diverse and dynamic California poultry industry,” so its web site claims.

And, apparently, a huge Elvis Presley fan. Though The King of Rock ‘n Roll failed in his 42 years on Earth to play for the fine fowl folks in Modesto, Ron Ely did. And that was good enough for the poultry people and the man who has played Elvis for 16 years.

“It’s funny. Sometimes you’re not sure about a show or how it’s going to go. Sometimes you’re dreading it and it turns out great,” said Ely. “It’s hard to tell.”

Figuring he’s done his Elvis thing at least 1,000 times, Ely heads to the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre for a show, “The Wonder of Elvis: The Tribute,” Sunday, April 7, with a 2 p.m. presentation of about 40 songs.

Ely’s actually outlived Elvis by five years and figures he’s got a lot left in the tank. Living in Oakdale, some 90 minutes south of Sacramento, Ely was only in kindergarten when Presley died in 1977.

“I remember listening to Elvis growing up. My mom and dad and grandmother were huge Elvis fans,” Ely said. “I remember hearing Elvis on the record player in the house or in mom and dad’s car. I remember seeing an Elvis 8-track tape on the car seat and seeing an Elvis documentary on TV at grandma’s house.”

Ely started singing some 23 years ago, doing the country bar circuit “and we’d always throw an Elvis song or two. People liked it,” Ely said, thriving at the time doing Dion and the Belmonts songs and Buddy Holly.

Eventually, Ely started working in more and more Presley songs “and started looking at YouTube videos of a bunch of Elvis guys doing shows in costumes. It struck me as pretty cool. Cool

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