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Lost ‘X-Men’ Movies That Aren’t Joining the Marvel Universe

Now that what used to be 21st Century Fox is part of Disney, Marvel’s comic book heroes have the chance to be united onscreen in a way that comic book fans have been dreaming about for years.

Even as people start to dream up plans for how Wolverine and Deadpool can be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, some attention should be paid to the many movies spotlighting Marvel’s mutant heroes that audiences won’t get to see.

Dark Phoenix will sill hit theaters in June, while the fate of Josh Boone’s New Mutants — rumored to be troubled — remains up in the air.

But outside of these two films, which have already wrapped production, Fox had been working on a number of X-Men-related projects that are now likely never to happen. Even as the studio is rumored to be working on an animated version of its What If…? comic book series for streaming service Disney+, let us consider an alternate universe in which each of these movies came to be, starting with Gambit, which has had quite the development history.

After Gambit’s debut in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox spent years trying to turn the fan-favorite character into a stand-alone cinematic hero. Channing Tatum got on board in 2014, with the intention to produce and star as the charming Cajun thief with atrocious fashion sense, and was followed in 2015 by director Robert Wyatt. Wyatt only stayed on for a brief time before jumping ship, after Fox cut the budget in the wake of Fantastic Four’s failure at the box office, and was replaced by Doug Liman, who also bailed after a year or so, to be replaced in turn by Gore Verbinski, who also left, citing scheduling difficulties. At last report,

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