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10 Things We Learned at Variety’s 2019 Entertainment Marketing Summit

Varietys 2019 Entertainment Marketing Summit, which brought top execs to Hollywoods NeueHouse on Thursday, covered considerable ground. From cutting through the noise in an oversaturated media landscape to welcoming exciting technology like virtual reality, industry veterans offered insight into what to expect from the marketing world in coming years.

Here are 10 things we learned from this years Entertainment Marketing Summit presented by Deloitte.

Facebook’s new privacy features will give consumers more control over advertisements

Facebook’s plans to implement a “clear history” feature, which will allow its 2.32 billion monthly users to erase their digital footprint, has raised questions over how such a blockade from data-collecting will affect the media giant’s ad revenue. But Jennifer Howard, the group director for entertainment, technology, and connectivity at Facebook, doesn’t think this potential lack of data will necessarily decrease revenue made from ads. “Browsing history is really only a small fraction of the signals that point to what will resonate with consumers,” Howard said. The tech executive went on to add that social context is an especially important factor to consider when targeting ads, explaining that Facebook’s decreased emphasis on browsing data will allow the site to focus more on less quantitative elements. “Finding signals outside of data is a hard thing to do, but it’s imperative,” she said.

We may see streaming platforms re-aggregate in response to “subscription fatigue”

According to Kevin Westcott, a top entertainment executive at Deloitte Consulting, an over-saturated streaming landscape has caused media consumers — and millennials, in particular

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