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Reese Witherspoon’s movies ranked by EW reviews

Every Reese Witherspoon fan has a favorite version of Reese Witherspoon. Some are die-hard Elle Woods stans who will quote Legally Blonde until their last day on Earth (what, like it’s hard?). Others love to feel highbrow while indulging in the gratuitous little grudges of Big Little Lies. And then there’s the contingent who can’t let go of those Friends cameos — the very same fans who will be first in line to buy an Apple streaming subscription.

But regardless of your particular allegiance one thing is true: Reese Witherspoon has been in a great variety of movies. She’s played serious, she’s played funny, she’s even done horror that one time. And EW’s esteemed critics have been there every step of the way — ahead, we’ve picked out some of her choice movie roles (and one TV show because we just had to) and ranked them by their official grades. Check out how they stack up and read our O.G. take.

Election (1999): A

From the vault: “Alexander Payne’s scathing tragicomedy about a smug overachiever running for student-council president and the high school teacher who can’t stand to see her win builds a perfect, off-kilter universe — it’s a first cousin to Rushmore. And, like Payne’s 1996 gem Citizen Ruth, it’s a sophisticated morality tale in which neither side has a monopoly on right or wrong. Reese Witherspoon is terrifically steely as the infernally perky candidate; Matthew Broderick takes a career-deepening turn as a sneaky adult.” —Lisa Schwarzbaum

Wild (2014): A-

From the vault: “I felt a little frisson of dread when I heard that Wild was going to be made into a movie. How could Cheryl Strayed’s incandescent memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail possibly translate to the screen? Ravaged by her mother’s death, Strayed had embarked on the 1,100-mile

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