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Television: Phillies are back and so are the broadcasters

The acquisition of Bryce Harper and other key additions (J.T. Realmuto, Jean Segura) blend with the maturing of some popular players to make the Phillies one of the teams to watch this Major League Baseball season.

Opening day is Thursday when the Phillies host one of their keenest rivals in a highly competitive division, the Atlanta Braves, at Citizens Bank Park. Game time is 3:05 p.m. and the 2019 debut will be televised on Channel 10.

Of course, it can be heard on WIP (94.1 FM), as can all 162 games on this season’s schedule. Channel 10 will carry other games, but for the most part, 2019 Phillies games will be televised by NBC Sports Philadelphia. There are also several streaming options, including one from NBCSP.

Broadcast announcers for this season are pretty much the same as they were last year – Tom McCarthy, John Kruk, Ben Davis (the Aston native) in the television booth with Mike Schmidt joining the crew on weekends and Gregg Murphy reporting from the dugouts and the stands; Scott Franzke pairing with combinations of Larry Andersen, Kevin Frandsen, and Jim Jackson on radio.

Frandsen, a former Phillies infielder who rotated with two better-known Kevins from team history, Kevin Stocker and Kevin Jordan in 2018, seems to have won the job to be sidekick to Franzke, especially on away games when Larry Andersen opts to stay off the road and be with his family in Philadelphia.

Franzke will be the primary play-by-play guy while Jackson spells him in the middle innings. Franzke has been calling Phillies games since 2006, Jackson since 2007. Anderson is the dean of the radio crew. He began his analyst role in 1998.

Aaron Nola has been announced as Thursday’s starting pitcher.

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The competition that brought Bryce Harper to the Phillies lasted 118 days and had its

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