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Alanna Masterson weighs in on Tara’s Walking Dead fate

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s “The Calm Before” episode of The Walking Dead.]

Man, the Hilltop just cannot catch a break. First, Maggie took off. Then Jesus was cut down by a Whisperer. And on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the latest leader of the community was taken out, and in epic, terrible fashion.

Tara Chambler was one of 10 people who was killed by the Whisperers and then had their zombified heads put on pikes to mark a new border that the coalition of communities was instructed not to cross. It was a horrifying end for Tara, who first showed up back in season 4 as a fun and free-spirited soul that was part of the attacking party on the prison, but then became an ally to the survivors and eventually assumed the leadership position at the Hilltop.

We connected with Alanna Masterson over email to get her thoughts on Tara’s journey, as well as her final destination. (Also make sure to read our interviews with Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid, and showrunner Angela Kang.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how did you find out about Tara’s demise?
ALANNA MASTERSON: I got a phone call from [showrunner Angela Kang] about two weeks before I shot the episode.

What was your reaction when you found out?
I was caught off guard for sure, but

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