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Samuel L. Jackson: A long, vigorous career still in full stride – 60 Minutes

If you feel like you are seeing a lot of Samuel L. Jackson lately, it’s not your imagination. He seems to be everywhere. There are the credit card commercials, the movie trailers, not to mention a hundred or so of his films circulating on cable TV. He’s been around for a long time, and as you might suspect is quite a character. Someone we thought would be fun to hang out with.

 If you know him only from his films, there are things in this story that will probably surprise you. He spent 15 years on the stage in New York and didn’t become a movie star until his mid 40s. He’s been with the same woman, also a distinguished actor, for nearly 50 years. And the movies he’s been in have grossed more money than any other actors’ films in the history of Hollywood. And nobody likes to watch them more than he does.

Correspondent Steve Kroft with Samuel L. Jackson

 Steve Kroft: Do you watch your movies?

Samuel L. Jackson: Yes, I do.

Steve Kroft: You like seeing yourself on screen.

Samuel L. Jackson: I do. I used to, you know, when I was doin’ theater in New York, I always wanted to see the play I was in with me in it. 

Steve Kroft: Hard to do.

Samuel L. Jackson: Yeah, it is, very difficult. So this was perfect for me. I– I get to watch my performances. I always think that, “Oh, I can’t stand to watch myself,” is like some bulls**t. And so it’s like, “Really? It’s a watch me business. And if you can’t

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