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The Walking Dead showrunner on that epic bloodbath

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s “The Calm Before” episode of The Walking Dead.]

The Whisperers just sent a message that was loud and clear.

After Daryl allowed Alpha’s daughter Lydia to tag along with him and Connie when they rescued Henry, they knew repercussions might be coming. Suffice it to say, they came on Sunday night’s episode, “The Calm Before.” A disguised Alpha infiltrated the Kingdom’s awkwardly titled Fair of New Beginnings and captured several Hilltop residents. In the end, 10 zombified heads were left on pikes to mark a do-not-cross border for Daryl, Carol, Michonne, and Yumiko to find. Among the victims were two of the recently introduced Highwaymen (who attempted to rescue the others) as well as Tammy, Henry, Enid, and Tara.

The event mirrors a similar one in the comic book, however in that one there were 12 victims, with Tammy being the only one killed in both the comic and TV versions. Ezekiel and Rosita met their end in the comic pike line-up but survived here (although producers coyly tricked viewers into thinking the King might be a victim here as well).

We spoke to showrunner Angela Kang to find out how they settled on whose heads to chop off, how the victims were captured (since they did not show it on screen), and how the actors were informed their time on the show was coming to a close. Kang spoke about that and much more, including revealing the movie they were supposed to watch at the Kingdom before everything went to hell. Read through both pages for the entire interview, and also check out our QAs with Alanna Masterson and Katelyn Nacon.

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