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10 Movies All Security Pros Should Watch

Don’t expect to read about any of the classics, like ‘War Games’ or ‘Sneakers,’ which have appeared on so many lists before. Rather, we’ve broadened our horizons with this great mix of documentaries, hacker movies, and flicks based on short stories.PreviousNext

Image Source: Adobe Stock- metamorworks

Image Source: Adobe Stock- metamorworks

Some may wonder why the computer press makes such a big fuss about hacker movies. Naysayers describe them as old-hat — a formulaic blend of computing and hacking done by societal misfits peppered in with sex, violence, shady and diabolical villains, and an occasional car chase that ends in a fiery explosion. 

That may be true — it is Hollywood, after all — but key people in the industry say hacker movies are important for security people to watch. We agree, which is why we set out to put together such a list.

“These movies are important — and fun to watch — for IT pros who need to keep their networks secure because they mostly get it right and highlight the risks of cybersecurity in a way that communicates to C-level execs,” says Stu Sjouwerman, founder and CEO of security awareness company KnowBe4.

The better hacker movies are really quite realistic, adds Chenxi Wang, founder and general partner at Rain Capital.

“As a hacker, some of the movies have a lot of inside information — jokes that you’d find interesting even if it was a bad movie otherwise,” she says. “The normal public may miss those insider references, but people like us in the trade find it really interesting. Mr. Robot, for instance, had two real hackers consult for the series, so many things are realistic, including using

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