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11 Movies You Need to See at New Directors/New Films

Some time in the 18th century, a young African boy is purchased by a European noblewoman and subjected to a curious form of enslavement. Given the name Angelo, he grows up among aristocrats who treat him not as a servant but as a curio and a symbol of their own benevolence. Angelo’s biography feels like both a plausibly factual chronicle and a fantastical allegory. Shot with classical rigor and attention to detail (with room for a few telling anachronisms), the Austrian filmmaker Markus Schleinzer’s second feature presents history as a lavish, lucid nightmare from which nobody, Angelo least of all, can hope to awaken. (A.O. Scott)

A tale twice told, the ingenious Turkish puzzle “Belonging” opens with an unseen narrator introducing the story and then another voice delivering a just-the-facts description of a murder. Detailed, largely affectless and sometimes rushed, this recitation accompanies images that initially seem completely unrelated, even random. In time, though, words and images begin syncing up — we hear “the security chain was locked” over a shot of a safety chain lock — creating a seamless correspondence between what we hear and see. The writer-director Burak Cevik then flips the switch and the movie shifts into a more lyrical narrative register, one that fills in all the little nuances, most notably the intimate in-between moments that both explain and obscure so much. (Manohla Dargis)

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