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Akron considers a plan to designate the only entertainment district in Akron outside of downtown

AKRON, Ohio — The City of Akron is considering the idea of making the mixed-use space of the old Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. headquarters into an entertainment district,

according to an article from

Industrial Realty Group (IRG), which is behind the development of the old Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. headquarters, met with city hall Monday where leaders endorsed a plan to designate the company’s 80-acres as the only entertainment district outside of downtown Akron.

City leaders are entertaining the idea of more liquor permits to support the growing interest of East End.

While Akron has two entertainment districts covering the the northern and southern ends of downtown, state law allows cities to approve a limitless number of “community entertainment districts,” according to

Each district creates 15 new D-5 liquor permits for establishments that serve food, which are part of the business plan for venues and businesses that will soon open at East End. reports

that the state limits cities to one D-5 liquor permit per 2,000 residents.

“We’re pretty much maxed out. So, there are no other liquor permits available,” said Mike Antenucci, zoning manager in Akron’s Planning Department, which supports IRG’s proposal.

Executives at IRG said tenants such as their two restaurants, a lobby pub and a café theater would have to pay $30,000 or more to get a liquor permit from a private holder.

IRG owns 80 acres in the proposed plan. All but the Goodyear Bank is

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