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The Modern Music Man: He Plays 70 Instruments and Video Games, Too

In a recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last month, where wood paneling on the walls and ceiling gave off the faint scent of pine, Charlie Rosen stood in front of 17 fellow musicians, smiling. Chiefly known for his work on Broadway, Mr. Rosen bopped along to the music, baton comfortably in hand, while the ensemble played the score of a Nintendo racecar game.

With a TV on mute providing cues, he and his 8-Bit Big Band were recording the music from Mario Kart 64, blown way out with 36 instruments, including saxophones, trumpets, trombones, 11 violins, three cellos and a harp.

“You got everything we need for that section?” he asked his engineer. “Great. Let’s move on to Level 3.”

At 28, Mr. Rosen is an orchestrator, composer and arranger with his hands in many musical cookie jars.

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