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‘Game of Thrones’ Soars in Its Season 8 Premiere (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere, “Winterfell.”]

Game of Thrones wastes no time in getting things moving — or rather, flying — in the Season 8 premiere.

It’s an hour filled with reunions fans had been waiting, in some cases, seasons to see. Arya and Jon! Arya and Gendry! Sansa and Tyrion! And yet, despite all the happiness that comes with seeing family and friends again, it’s clear the danger has never been more imminent… and some aren’t taking too kindly to Jon’s decision to bend the knee.


The episode opens with Daenerys, Jon and the rest of their army marching toward Winterfell.  “I warned you,” Jon tells Daenerys as they approach, earning nothing but frowns from the spectators, “Northerners don’t much trust outsiders.” The crowd scatters when they see Daenerys’ dragons, but Arya looks on in awe — and inside the walls of Winterfell, so does Sansa.

Once Jon gets inside, he’s happily reunited with Bran… who, still devoid of emotion, isn’t so visibly overjoyed to see him. Daenerys and Sansa have a frosty introduction, but Bran thaws things out by saying they don’t have time for “all of that,” because the dead are marching south.

Reunions Aplenty

Later the heads of houses meet, and Lyanna Mormont roasts Jon for all he’s worth. She’s none too pleased that he bent the knee to Daenerys. Jon reminds her that they needed allies or they would die, and he chose the North over keeping his crown. At that, Tyrion chimes in. “If anyone survives the wars to come, we’ll have Jon Snow to thank,” he says. Tyrion tells everyone they must fight together or die, but Sansa

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