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Playing Those Weird Movie Theater AR Games That Appear Before Films

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Over the last year or two, you might have noticed something strange when you show up to see a movie at a theater. Before the movie starts, before the trailers even, something called “Noovie ARcade” is advertised and then a static screen appears for 60 seconds. What is going on? Folks are playing video games on their phones, that’s what’s going on.

Noovie is a show that appears before many films and trailers in theaters across the country. This was originally called “First Look”, but the company that creates these pre-show segments rebranded them as Noovie around two years ago. With the rebrand came new features and segments. The most interesting being a series of AR games that are played on the big screen of the theater.

My girlfriend and I see a lot of movies, we both have AMC A-List memberships that allow us to see multiple movies a month for $20 a month. Before that, we had Moviepass, which was a similar subscription service for seeing movies. Each time we arrived early, we saw ads for these Nooive Arcade games and wondered what was going on. Finally, we downloaded the free app to try out these games.

The first and biggest issue with these games is the app itself. In short, it sucks. It crashes, freezes up and takes way too long to load, meaning that you will need to keep it open well before the game starts so you can play. You only get 60 to 30 seconds

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