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Cher’s tweet about immigration gets unlikely support from Trump

When it comes to politics, Cher and President Donald Trump usually see things very differently.

The “Strong Enough” singer’s Twitter page is full of posts calling out the Trump administration’s stance on the way it’s handled LGBTQ issues, climate change and more.

But on Monday, Trump agreed with one of Cher’s political takes. She questioned how Los Angeles could help immigrants when there are already people living in poverty and without a home.

Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said over the weekend that the administration is considering a policy of sending migrants to cities where laws prohibit law enforcement officials from working with immigration officials to deport immigrants. Los Angeles leaders voted in February 2019 to declare it a “city of sanctuary” for immigrants.

Trump wasn’t the only one who supported Cher. Many others welcomed her to the Republican party.

Actor James Woods, who’s as outspoken as Cher on political issues, obviously agreed with her, too. Ditto actor Scott Baio.

Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. weighed in as well, although he was less supportive.

Many people cited a tweet that Cher posted in March 2017, in which she encouraged others in the entertainment to join her in taking a Dreamer, a person brought to the United States as a child, into their home, and called her a hypocrite.

Cher later elaborated on her original thoughts in the comments, saying that she

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