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Huanyu Entertainment Founder Yu Zheng Speaks About Cultural Responsibility of Film and TV at Harvard College China Forum

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (Harvard University, Cambridge) – On April 12, 2019, local time, the long-awaiting 22nd Harvard College China Forum kicked off in Boston in the United States, under the theme of A Global Community, One Shared Destiny.

At 1 p.m. that day, the Fireside Chat of the Harvard College China Forum was held at Harvard University’s Yenching Auditorium. Wang Xiaohui, Chief Content Officer and Content Business President of iQiyi, Yu Zheng, co-founder, screenwriter and producer of Huanyu Entertainment, Lian Jie, Chairman of Perfect World Pictures, and Zhang Xiaolong, a famous Chinese actor, etiquette tutor and producer, were invited to address the entertainment panel session of the event.

As the biggest hit in the TV market in 2018, Story of Yanxi Palace became a hot topic discussed at the forum. Its chief producer, Yu Zheng, elaborated on the creative idea and commercial logic behind the unprecedented popularity of this TV series, and pointed out that, ‘Huanyu Entertainment has long been dedicated to disseminating and inheriting traditional culture through films and TV dramas, which is the mission of the current generation of filmmakers and others who work in the TV industry.’

Cultural and Emotional Logic Behind Big HitsTo illustrate the global popularity of Story of Yanxi Palace, Yu offered up the following numbers in his presentation: The show ranked first on Google Trend’s most searched TV series list in 2018, racked up more than 20 billion hits in a single online video platform on the Chinese mainland, reached an audience rating of 39.2% when broadcast on Hong Kong-based TVB, has been aired in more than 90 countries and became the first Chinese TV series to be listed among the 2018 best overseas TV series by U.S.-based entertainment magazine Variety. All of these figures are evidence of how Story of

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