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‘Old’ Soul Rejuvenates Music Of ‘Young’ Spirit

Twin City musicians Gregg Brown and Trenton Perry may seem an odd pairing. Brown came of age during the late 60s hippie movement, Perry grew up in the 90s enamored with the music of Blink-182 among other favorites from the 80s and 90s.

Brown is a familiar face to many around town and the Illinois State University campus for his activism for peace and the legalization of cannabis. He laughed at the characterization of never having left the “Summer of Love.”

“Well, yes I was marked by that,” said Brown. “In fact I do my song ‘1967’ that Trent and I have worked a version of … that is up on my Bandcamp page.”

In 1967 I was 18 years old

I was 18 when 67 took hold

In 1967 who appeared on the scene

The Who, Jefferson Airplane, and Cream

Big Brother with Janice

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  • – “1967” by Gregg Brown

“So I was a young and impressionable teenager when this music was hitting the world,” said Brown. “The world was hearing Jimi Hendrix and ‘Light my Fire’ by The Doors for the first time.”

Perry currently plays in the emerging pop/rock outfit Sherwood Forest, the funky hip-hop infused Franky the Plexicats and was part of Alex the XO’s before leader Alexandra Fisher moved to California. He’s been collaborating with Brown for roughly a decade, with a couple albums to their credit and occasionally public performances. What draws the millennial to the boomer?

“I always thought of it (working with Brown) as an open canvas for me,” said Perry, who said he’s been called an old soul, and occasionally wonders if he was born in the wrong decade.

“To experiment and elaborate on different instruments. He (Brown) gives me a good foundation, especially when he plays his mountain dulcimer. He’ll be strumming the same chord

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