Daring to be vastly different in terms of tone and of scope than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe looked to kickstart their entire shared universe with Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, as opposed to Marvel’s formula of introducing all of these characters firsts and then do a big team-up movie. The result was a very busy, very ambitious, and ultimately very divisive movie. The darker and grittier take on the entire DC Universe was not a welcomed one. Introducing a lot of characters and concepts upfront that the mass audience didn’t work nearly as well.

DC’s parent company, Warner Bros. deemed the film and Justice League flops and growing criticisms of the movies had become too much for the studio to bare. They canceled a lot of executive producer Zack Snyder’s plans, leaving whatever was going to happen in the DCEU by the wayside in favor of whatever individual creators want to do with the characters. That’s just the recent turn of events.

DC movies have been being canceled or shelved and put on the back burner for years now. The fourth Superman and Batman films flopped and it took years to get those franchises back off the ground. For many, the Man Of Steel still hasn’t actually soared again. Slowly but surely, fans are learning there’s more to DC than just Supes and Bats. The best-kept secret here is that if DC could get their act together, they’d have a dearth of movies for years and years to come just like their competition. Here are 11 Cancelled DC Movies That We Wish Got Made (And 9 That Still Could Be).

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