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AET Fund adds new gaming and entertainment startups to $50 million fund

The Akatsuki Entertainment Technology (AET) Fund, the venture capital arm of entertainment and gaming company Akatsuki, announced new investments as part of its $50 million fund for startups in the U.S. and India. The fund’s new companies span a variety of categories, such as media, esports, and hospitality.

Among the gaming entrants are Bunch (an app that you use to games with others over video chat) and (an interactive network on mobile where players compete for cash). So far, the $50 million investment includes more than 20 different startups across both countries.

Founded in 2010 in Japan, Akatsuki is best known for co-developing mobile fighter Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle with Bandai Namco. It’s been a breakout hit for both developers, recently suprassing $1.6 billion in total revenue. Akatsuki launched the AET Fund in October 2017 to find companies that believe in its mission of creating experiences that make people happy.

“We leverage our deep expertise in in-app monetization, immersive experience development, vibrant community creation, and IP development to help our portfolio companies maximize growth, scalability, and market opportunities that help their businesses thrive,” said principal at AET Fund Mark Linao in a statement.

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