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Beyond the stage: How TPAC provides Topeka with more than just entertainment

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Many people know the Topeka Performaning Arts Center as a place to watch plays or musicals, but people who work there say it’s much more than that. 

In addition to bringing popular entertainment acts to Topeka for people to enjoy, TPAC also serves thousands of kids each year through their arts education programs.

Brail Watson grew up loving music.

That passion led him to opportunities most musicians dream of — a recording contract and a chance to tour. 

However, he gave it up to help grow the arts among young people in his hometown.

“I’m not special, but I am an exception in some ways,” sais Watson. “So, I’m like if I want other people to be able to have the opportunities that I had, I need to be here to help build that platform for others.”

For Watson,

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