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Game of Thrones star on his survival odds: ‘Lot of people are going to lose money’

Some Game of Thrones fans have so little faith in Euron Greyjoy.

The murderous pirate played by Danish actor Pilou Asbæk was the final series regular to join the sprawling ensemble cast of the HBO hit, coming aboard in season 6 with a couple scenes as Theon’s power-mad uncle. In season 7, the character gained some attention with a dashing new look and swaggering humor, earning Euron seat at the finale’s Dragonpit summit as Cersei’s newest ally. Yet going into the final season, at least one sportsbook site ranked Euron the odds-on-favorite to be the first character killed off, with other gambling sites giving similarly strong odds for Euron to perish right out of the gate. Asbæk says those who bet against the Greyjoy will be forced to pay the iron price.

“My agent sent me a text that said the most likely character to die first is me,” Asbæk says. “So a lot of people are gonna lose money … I do some cool s—.”

As fans know, the first character with a speaking role to perish in season 8 was already revealed in Sunday’s premiere, “Winterfell,” when young Lord Umber met a gruesome fate, while Theon (another character frequently predicted to die first) successfully rescued his sister Yara from Euron’s

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