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I Like Scary Movies Is a Horror Fan’s Instagram Dream

Grab a few friends and take some amazing photos at I Like Scary Movies.
Grab a few friends and take some amazing photos at I Like Scary Movies.
Photo: All images Germain Lussier

The website for the event titled I Like Scary Moviedescribes it as “an interactive art installation.” But what does that mean exactly? Since it’s filled with displays paying tribute to films like The Shining, Beetlejuice, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lost Boys, and It: Chapter One, I simply had to find out.

I Like Scary Movies, which is on display in Los Angeles through June 16, is basically the ultimate Instagram spot if you’re a horror fan, and I mean that in the best way. Great care was taken into turning an entire floor of an office building into a very cool, beautiful, immersive experience that’s tailor-made to be photographed and shared. Here’s what you’ll find (without spoiling everything).


Yes, you can jump in the tub in room 237.

The Shining

The whole experience starts in The Shining, and it’s absolutely the best of the bunch, which is saying something. Other sections of the exhibit may have more detail, but the designs for director Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece are so simple, iconic, and recognizable, they lend themselves perfectly to an event like this. There are multiple rooms of Shining goodies including ax-cracked doors, mounds of snow, hedges, sinister twins, and so much more.


You’ll float too.

It: Chapter One

From The Shining you walk

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