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Taylor Swift is obsessed with Easter eggs, and it’s ruining her new music


Taylor Swift wants you to feel good about yourself with her new song, “ME!”

For pop culture fans, Easter eggs aren’t just reserved for one holiday in April.

The concept in visual media of hiding clues and callbacks for fans to find has grown into a full-blown cultural obsession. After every new episode of “Game of Thrones,” articles flood the internet pointing out the obscure references to past plot lines and scenes. “Avengers: Endgame” was an Easter egg goldmine for Marvel fans. New “Star Wars” trailers are picked apart for secret messages in the seconds after their release.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu,” “Riverdale,” the new releases of “Mortal Kombat” and “Fortnite,” the “Stranger Things” trailer and even Vampire Weekend’s new album have all been subjects of Easter egg hunts in recent months as fans take to social media to identify clues.

But what happens when creators go overboard and make Easter eggs the entire point of their release?

That’s the danger that Taylor Swift has been flirting with in recent weeks, with a new music roll-out that been almost entirely focused on the hidden clues in her Instagram posts, magazine covers and music video for her new single “ME.”

When done well, Easter eggs are a fun dialogue between artists and consumers. Fans feel rewarded for their

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