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Best Original Shows on Netflix in May 2019 – Movies, Series and Docs

Every day, it seems, we wake up to find out about a new Netflix Original show. But how many of these shows are great, and how many are just there to fill up the rows of content on the Netflix home screen? We ask ourselves this question all the time, and have compiled our list of the best original shows on Netflix.

Credit: Curtis Baker/NetflixCredit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Major competition is coming soon, though, in the form of Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus, which will offer their own exclusiveoriginal programming. We asked the experts if Netflix should be scared of Apple.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A sort-of spinoff of the hit show Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina takes the dark, witty attitude of that CW show, and adds macabre horror and fourth-wall breaking jokes. Star Kiernan Shipka is getting rave reviews for her performance, as the former Sally Draper drives the show with ample charisma. Just don’t expect this show to jump head-first into its magic and witchy horror, which it amps up, repeatedly, throughout the season. It’s more than OK for the show to build to such reveals, as it gives audiences a sense that the stories of Sabrina are being planned properly, and not rushed.

The Crown

Two seasons in on Netflix, The Crown is one of the service’s most praised shows yet. The series tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, from her time as Princess Elizabeth and her 1947 wedding, to the present day. Claire Foy’s won heaps of accolades for her  portrayal of the iconic ruler, as has Matt Smith, who plays Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who Elizabeth marries. In particular, the pair earned points for their easy-going chemistry, which has given these

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