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Sacramento Kings announce new era in entertainment

In a move towards inclusivity, the Sacramento Kings organization will replace its all-female dance team with a hip-hop dance team that includes all genders.

The Kings announced Wednesday the creation of the “916 Crew,” which will replace the Sacramento Kings Dancers.

“We are excited to see the entertainment team evolve as we work to broaden our reach and ensure an inclusive environment for all,” said Sacramento Kings President of Business Operations John Rinehart in a press release.

The 916 Crew will consist of 18 members and could be split evenly between men and women.

The Sacramento Kings Street Team will undergo changes, too, by expanding who’s in it. The team will now include breakers, gymnasts and performers. It will consist of approximately 14 people.

The Stockton Kings will also embrace what the Kings are calling an “evolution of several entertainment elements in anticipation of the 2019-20 season.”

It’s a dance team, which will transition into an expanded street team, will now be known as the “209 Hype,” and will also become gender inclusive. It will consist of 10 to 14 members.

The Kings’ goal is for all of their entertainment teams to be gender inclusive, which could someday include the dunk team, known as the Dunk Ushers.

“I think things change and evolve, and that’s great,” said Leann Ferry, who danced for the Kings from 1988 to 1990. “I’m a professional coach, so I know that, and I work with people around managing change and I think it’s great. I’m also a feminist, so I think it’s great there’s going to be men on the team.”

Other former dancers called the change bittersweet.

“Sad to see the glamour and the glitz of the girls not be out there anymore because I still enjoy that when I go to the games. I have a daughter who’s

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