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The best martial arts movies on Amazon Prime

As other streaming services increasingly focus on creating their own original content, Amazon Prime has been quietly building its back catalog. Buying the rights to massive old libraries, Prime Video has become home to a slew of classic movies. That’s a blessing for martial arts fans. No platform has a more extensive collection of fight films, from classic Shaw Brothers’ favorites to obscure ’90s oddities. We’ve culled the massive selection to present you with the best martial arts movies on Amazon Prime. 

The best martial arts movies on Amazon Prime

1) Black Mask (1999)

This gore-soaked Hong Kong flick might not be Jet Li’s most famous film, but by God, it’s one of his most entertaining. By day, Tsui Chik is an unassuming librarian, but by night, he fights crime under the mantle of Black Mask. Genetically enhanced as part of a secret government operation, Black Mask sets out to stop a brutal criminal organization. Ultra-violent and scored with a booming ’90s rap soundtrack, Black Mask is a crowd-pleasing treat and one of the most effortlessly fun martial arts movies on Amazon Prime.

2) Bastard Swordsman (1983)

Do you love Big Trouble in Little China? Now you can see one of the films that influenced it, Bastard Swordsman. Blending traditional martial arts with the wuxia genre, Bastard Swordsman developed a fierce following thanks to its beautiful fights. Yun is an orphan, stuck spending his life cleaning a martial arts school. When a deadly foe threatens his school, Yun must learn the mystical Silkworm Technique or face death. If you like a little magic in your kung fu, this is for you.    

3) Five Elements Ninjas (1982)

Also known as Chinese Super Ninjas, Five Elements Ninjas is easily one of the goriest fight films of the ’80s—and certainly one of the

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