Since it began producing animated feature films in the early 20th century, Disney has become the leading producer of animated content for audiences of all ages. Its movies are beloved far and wide, with fans the world over having very passionate views on what their favorite Disney movie is, who the best Disney princess really is, what the best Disney movie soundtrack is, and so much more.

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Still, even the most dedicated of Disney fans may forget about the impressive legacy that these Disney movie classics have in the television world, too. Starting in the early 1990s, everyone’s favorite Disney films soon began to pop up on television, too – with TV spin-off series (whether prequels or sequels) dominating much of the Disney Channel’s landscape. Recent years have seen a return to this form, too, which we’re more than thrilled about. Here, we take a look back at the best Disney animated shows that got their start on the big screen.

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Legend of Tarzan Disney TV Show

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10 Legend of Tarzan

Legend of Tarzan Disney TV Show

The 1999 Disney animated film Tarzan is honestly one of the most overlooked masterpieces that the studio has ever produced. While direct-to-video sequels followed, even the most dedicated Tarzan fans out there may not know about the short-lived Legend of Tarzan animated series that followed the original film’s events. From 2001 to 2003, the Legend of Tarzan series aired on ABC and the now defunct UPN.

As a Saturday morning cartoon series, the show was more light-hearted (and full of bizarre adventures)

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