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Lakeland woman makes business of portraying princesses and more

LAKELAND — In the course of one day, Amy Sharpe might be a snow queen able to conjure ice storms, a damsel with tower-length tresses and a mermaid princess.

Whatever it takes to generate glee for children.

Sharpe, a Lakeland resident, portrays more than 50 characters, from Snow White to Wonder Woman, as founder and operator of Dreams Come True Entertainment. The company, which Sharpe started in 2012, provides characters from fairy tales and superhero stories to attend birthday parties and other events.

She estimates that she has attended perhaps 2,000 kids’ gatherings since first appearing as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” at a girl’s birthday party seven years ago.

“You’re making a difference for somebody every time you put on that outfit,” Sharpe said. “This might be the only time they meet Cinderella. You’re going to be in that family’s memories forever.”

Sharpe, a graduate of Lakeland High School and Florida Southern College, has operated the business out of her home and vehicle since its founding. She hopes finally to secure a permanent venue in Lakeland — “my own big princess castle” — this summer, a step that would allow her to stage such group events as tea parties and storytelling sessions and put the business on sounder financial ground.

“Since I started, I’ve never paid myself once,” Sharpe said. “I’ve been subsisting on pixie dust.”

Instead, she said, she has directed all profits toward costumes and other company expenses.

An established location would also enable Sharpe to raise more money for charity events, a key element of her business. Dreams Come True Entertainment will hold one of its two annual fundraisers, the Royal True Love Fairytale Ball, on Sunday. May 17, at The Event Factory in Town ‘n’ Country, near Tampa.

Sharpe, 32, said she has been intrigued by fables and drawn toward performing since

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