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Local actors aim to entertain with traveling mystery improv group

For those who enjoy the clues and guesswork of a crime show or thriller, one group of local actors is providing the experience in real life.

Mobile Mystery Interactive Entertainment is made up of local actors, who create an interactive mystery for their guests to solve at parties, fundraisers or other gatherings.

Chelle Decker, one of the group’s founding members, said it began with a fundraiser for KTWU Public Radio and has continued to grow for about four years. The group has performed for such companies as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Capital Federal and Washburn University.

“It’s great for employees because it focuses on creativity and teamwork, so some elements of what we do are for corporate, and some we just go out to Glacier’s Edge Winery and do murder mysteries for them,” she said. “So we kind of have been doing a bit of everything, and it’s really fun.”

Other founders are Dan Decker, Jaryl Perkins, Taryn Temple and Robin Bonsall. But, Decker said they have an extensive list of acting friends to help when needed.

Each show is different, Decker said. A lead for the group creates a story line and assigns actors a character, with a few guiding traits and an alibi for them at the end of the mystery.

But everything that happens in between is up to the audience.

“Sometimes you get this quiet group who look at you like you’re crazy when you come in,” Decker said, “But by the end you’ve got them all totally into it. Other times, like the people who come to Glacier’s Edge Winery, they’re coming for a mystery. They know what the entertainment is going to be and they love mystery.”

Guests ask the cast questions and interact with them, all while compiling clues about who could have committed the crime.


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